Our Dams

Marlabel Sapphire (aka Saffy)

Marlabel Sapphire has had all of her health testing (hip, spine and elbows scored along with her trachea measured) to ensure we are breeding the best quality dogs we can!

We are so excited to see what she brings to the French Bulldog world! She has terrific nares, a great sized trachea, and has received really good spine, hip and elbow scores!

Height: 27cm
Weight: 4.4kg
Color: Cafe au Lait

DNA Profile:
Degenerative Myelopathy: Negative/Clear
Mucopolysaccharidosis VI (Poodle Type): Negative/Clear
Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (prcd) – PRA: Negative/ Clear
von Willebrand’s Disease Type I – Negative/ Clear

Traits Profile: